Fashion Forward

Nikki Hendricks, from her line "The Blends," 2017

Nikki Hendricks, from her line "The Blends," 2017

Published in MICA's Velocity | Issue No. 3 (Spring 2018)

If the fashion industry were ranked alongside individual countries’ gross domestic product, the global fashion industry would represent the world’s seventh largest economy. As giant as the fashion world is, these days it requires more grit than glamour. Unpredictability is the new norm. Just like other markets, fashion has felt the pains of an uncertain environment, marked by tremors in economies and shifting trends.

To survive is to stand out, and to do that many designers go against the grain. In this piece, I tell the stories of two fashion designers (Nikki Hendricks, Rachel Faller) and one costume designer (Naomi Davidoff) who have created their own space for their creatives genius to thrive, each driven by unique motivations - ethical manufacturing, social consciousness, and taking the road less traveled.

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