Nicole is a writer, strategic designer, and artist.

She has been a writer since the age of twelve, when she wrote a poem about Joan d’Arc and thought, “Damn, that’s good.” She has worked as an organizational strategy consultant (read: problem solver) for 10+ years with non-profits, small businesses and big fancy firms. Nicole started painting seriously in 2013; completed her first artist residency in 2017; and enjoys abstract, symbolic work. 

N. Clark's Story

Nicole moved to Baltimore from her sweet home Chicago during the infamous Snowmagedon of 2010. She loves Chicago, but it’s no fun for reasons like October through April.

Upon her move, she began working with a technology and general management consulting firm called Booz Allen Hamilton. At Booz Allen, Nicole drove business development for the firm's Northeast Army Account, and managed a diverse portfolio of strategic planning, marketing and communications, human capital, learning systems and change management programs for a number of Department of Defense (DoD) clients. She did not sleep much, but got a lot done.

Nicole brought with her to Booz Allen three years of investigative journalism experience with Chicago news publications; two years of experience directing marketing and communications for myriad Chicago-based non-profits; a year as a hip-hop dance instructor; random Arabic language fluency, which she acquired while studying in the Middle East; and myriad skills such as sarcasm, procrastination and the ability to smell B.S.

After giving Booz Allen six years of her life, Nicole quit her job, died her hair pink, made like Forest Gump and went for a really, really long walk to find herself. Her walk, known as the Camino de Santiago, lasted 32 days and carried her across 500 kilometers of spectacular Spanish country.

At the end of the pilgrimage, in July 2016, she watched the sunset in Cape Finisterre – the supposed end of the world where Apollo’s fiery chariots chase the sun to its watery grave – and thought,

Now what?

Since that epic sunset at the end of the world, Nicole has attempted to create a new story arc for herself, one that makes a doglegged turn down Mr. Frost’s “road less traveled.” She works for herself now, supporting an eclectic, rad mix of creative and strategic consulting gigs. Here are a few:

  • strategic partner and part-owner of a Baltimore-based creative digital solutions company called 4Front Digital Solutions
  • writer and editor of an online publication called “’Til Queendom Come” – real stories about the human experi(ement)ence
  • freelance writer covering the Baltimore/D.C. art scene
  • creative writing instructor
  • active artist > artist activist
  • SPCA Volunteer

She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she approaches her creative work – writing, painting and strategizing – with utmost seriousness. Creativity is the pulse of her life and guides her.